Aurender ACS10


Prijs:€ 5900
Kleur: Zwart of Zilver

De nieuwste machine van Aurender is de ACS10 Muziek Server/Streamer/Ripper. 

  • 2x 4TB, 240GB SSD € 5900
  • 2x 8TB, 240GB SSD € 6300                     
  • 2x 12TB, 480GB SSD € 7900

De volledige specificaties:

Caching Music Server and Streamer ► App Integration of Tidal and Qobuz Streaming Services
► Spotify Connect ► MQA Core Software (optional) ► Media File and Streaming Content Management By Aurender Conductor ► Latest Gereration Audio 2.0 USB Output ► CD-ROM Drive for OneTouch CD Ripping Direct to Internal HDDs ► Automatic Meta-Data Retrieval ► FLAC, WAV, AIFF Codecs Supported ► Support for PCM Up To 786kHz/32-bit and DSD Up To 256 DoP, DSD512 Native ► Dual 3.5” HDDs Factory Installed ► Available Configurations: 4TB x 2 / 8TB x 2 / 12TB x 2 ► RAID 1 Mirroring / Parallel Storage Option ► Library Copying Using SmartCollect (when used with a second Aurender music server) ► Duplicate File Removal Feature ► In-App Meta-Tag Editing Software ► Central or Expanded Library Storage for Aurender Music Servers ► 4” Color LCD Display for System Status Reporting and Album Cover Art Preview When Ripping ► 240/480GB Caching SSD (NVMe) ► Three LAN Ports (1 x Double Isolated, 2 x Isolated) ► Provision to “Daisy-Chain” Additional ACS10s ► Three USB Ports (1 x Audio USB, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0) ► Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Safely Shuts Down Unit Under Abrupt Power Outage Condition ► Software Support for Acronova “Nimbie” AutoLoader Allowing for Automated Ripping.

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